Volunteers Registrations

Dear Students,
SICASA (2016-17) Going to Conduct the Following Programs for Upcoming Month.
SICASA Month (December)
Industrial Visit (October)
Residential Seminars (November)
Cultural, Sports (December)
Social Activities (December)
And Many Programs Related to Student welfare.
Our initiative can sustained with the help of volunteers, who will be ready to spare a couple of hours every week for this cause. I appeal to all your students who are volunteering to come to come forward and Join With us in our cause.
The task is indeed very hard but hard work always pays off. I appreciate you gave your valuable time to read this letter and hope that there will be positive response from your side.
TEAM SICASA( 2016-17)
Volunteers Registrations:
👤 9840667886.
👤 9585083334.
👤 9514625489.
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